Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Safe Harbor

Day Two:

Today we are asked to think of a "safe harbor." It's an imaginary or real place; "a place where you can be completely safe and relaxed."
Retreating to your safe harbor is a mental device that will calm your thinking mind and summon your subconscious mind to bring forth insights and push them into consciousness.  The truths oof your soul and the source of your creativity are inside you; they just need a way to reveal themselves.
I believe that all ideas are like radio waves outside our body in the ether that we can tap into when we know how to manipulate the figurative radio dials.  This meditative safe harbor is where I turn the dials and focus on the solution I'm seeking.

Here's my description of my safe harbor.

I'm warm, dressed lightly with nothing on my feet to bind me. I'm tan, lying in a white, woven hammock or a webbed chaise lounge and the Sea of Cortez is in front of me.  It is a peaceful ocean, no big waves, just ripples caused by a warm breeze.  The sun is low on the horizon spreading its golden rays and the birds are chittering, gently flitting from palm to waving palm. I can smell the red bouganvilla. I close my eyes remembering the view and thank my higher power for all my blessings.  My eyes well up as I'm filled with emotion.  I slow my breathing by taking a deep breath and slowly exhaling. Again and again and relax.  I'm not sleepy.  I'm aware of everything around me, yet continue to breathe and relax with my eyes closed.  I have no expectations.  I'm just being, alive and connected to all that is alive around me.  Grateful for this moment.

Tomorrow: Freewriting!

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